Why do we eat food?

We eat several times a day and in the most part do it semi-unconsciously. We give thought to what we eat but rarely do we consider why we eat.

By not understanding body needs and what our food provides for us we lose sight of why we eat at all.

Body needs

Our bodies rely on food for energy, disease prevention, growth, maintenance, general health and other needs we take for granted. Not only that, but some essential nutrients our body needs can’t be provided by the body itself so we need to supplement it somehow.

Food, in particular fruit and vegetables contain the broadest range of nutrients available to man. That’s why over centuries we have harvested particular produce to ensure our bodies are sufficiently supplied with the required nutrients. Without these nutrients your body will not function properly and its efficiency will deteriorate.

Being reminded of this makes it seems so obvious however day-to-day we normally don’t consider the value of the food we eat. The value of our food is not always top of the list when choosing what we eat next. Quite often we will choose ‘food’ that tricks us into feeling good because of the supplements added to it to release chemicals in our brain associated with pleasure.

As a nation we’re not the best at looking after ourselves. Yet there’s no reason for us not to feel the best we ever have by eating nutrition rich food. There’s a growing movement for people to be better educated about what they eat so they can choose to eat healthier.

Knowing more

We don’t want to tell you what not to eat but we certainly do want to tell you what is good for you! It’s your right as a consumer to know the nutritional value of what you eat. Knowing this information and how it translates to what it does for your body. It will help you get closer to understanding why we eat what eat and how it helps or hinders us. This will help you make informed decisions on what you eat and how you can better your health.

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