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4 Reasons to Choose SELF Food

Good health starts with fresh food. Our mission is to make fresh fruit and veg more enjoyable and easily accessible, so healthy food is always on the table.

  • Seasonal

    Our fruit and veggie boxes contain only the freshest produce that's in season now. Seasonal produce tastes better, is more nutritious, and has way less impact on the environment. Eating seasonally saves you money and the dollars spent support our local farmers.

  • Educational

    We believe knowledge is power, especially when it comes to what we eat! In our free newsletter, you'll discover valuable insights about food, how and where it's grown, nutrition tips, and easy healthy recipes, so you can make smart food choices and get the most out of every box.

  • Local

    Did you know that when you buy fruit and veg from large retailers, the farmers only get 18c in each dollar? The rest goes to a chain of middlemen. Buying local saves you money, supports our local farming community, and ensures you get produce in its peak nutritional state.

  • Fresh

    Fruits & veggies start to lose their nutritional value from the moment they are picked, so immune boosting vitamins like C, E, A & B deteriorate fast. Exposure to air, temperature changes, and artificial lights further accelerate this process. For max taste & nourishment, nothing beats Fresh.


Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Delivered To Your Door


Fresh Fruit & Veg Boxes


In the medium fruit & veg boxes you get 12-15kg of fresh local produce. The eco-friendly reusable box measures 410×340×250cm. Ideal for 2 people for 1-2 weeks. Works out about $3 per kilo. That's fresh!


Fresh Fruit & Veg Boxes


In the large fruit & veg box you get 20-25kg of fresh local produce. The eco-friendly reusable box measures 568×368×327cm. Ideal for 4 people for 1-2 weeks. Works out about $2.60 per kilo. That's fresh!


Fresh Fruit & Veg Boxes


Skip the supermarket queue. Subscribe to get fresh fruit & vegetables delivered to your door each week or fortnight. Delivery is free, you can cancel anytime, and fresh local produce is 100% guaranteed!

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  • Sustainable

  • Local

  • Fresh

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Happy SELF Food Customers


"Highly recommend SELF fruit and veg box - the produce was amazing and there was heaps! Great value for money and I love how it’s all locally sourced."


"Absolutely love how fresh this is! Also love that because you don’t know what you're going to get in your box that it gives inspiration in the kitchen to try new things!"


"Absolutely loved my first delivery today. So much variety, just what I like and so fresh. Love cooking fresh meals for the family so this is perfect for us."


"Got my first delivery and the freshness and service is top notch! Highly recommended."

Easy Tasty Recipes


This hearty vegan ratatouille recipe is quick, easy, nutritious, and a great way to enjoy your eggplants in the colder months.
Dairy-free, gluten-free and guilt free.
SELF Food Easy Ratatouille recipe prep

Good Health

Good health starts with good nutrition. Fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables are the best way to supply your body with health and immune boosting nutrients.

Our Community

When you buy from local farmers you help to build and sustain our local community. You support your neighbours and your dollars stay in the local economy.

SELF Food Supports


Our Environment

Local farmers maintain their land with minimal, if any, use of chemicals and fertilisers. This reduces carbon emissions.


We are plastic free, and our brown boxes are 100% recyclable. We encourage you to return your box for your next order.

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